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About Us 

With over 25 years of experience, our staff offers a unique blend of expertise as designers and engineers. This combination of talents uniquely supports our clients’ needs, but we believe our hands-on experience and engineering knowledge are the foundation for the specialized services we offer.

Who We Are


Our Vision


Omen Engineering inspires our customers with innovative designs and focused services that enriches relationships.

Company Profile.


Omen Engineering was founded in 2020 and was inspired by three generations that have used their innovative abilities to design and develop products and services for both industry and the consumer. With so many ideas from our product development experience across different industries, we have set out on our own with deep aspirations for the future.


Our talent is not just that we have the mechanical discipline to solve problems, but to do it in a creative way while keeping our designs manufacturable, efficient, and focused on the unique needs of each customer.

Press Release.

July 2020 - Omen Engineering acquires Creative Customs of Eagle WI. Creative Customs with over twenty years experience in providing custom and industrial coating solutions.

November 2020- Omen Engineering opens new powder coating facility in Helenville, WI.

December 2020 - Omen Engineering selects GSC (Graphics Systems Corporation) of New Belin WI as their premier 3D Engineering software partner. Providing data management, certified training and support.

September 2021-  Omen Engineering becomes factory certified by Gema USA on Gema manual powder coating systems.


November 2021 - Omen Engineering upgrades our powder coating capability with the latest Gama digital OptiPro-B application system, providing the best overall application results for both custom and industrial suitability. 

April 2022 - Omen Engineering purchases additional sand blasting capabilities with an Allsource 4200 pressure blasting cabinet, capable of providing pressurized basting media that increases production three folds compared to a traditional syphon basting cabinet. The increased efficiency of this new blasting cabinet allows us to better control the blast media on more sensitive components while provide gains in production.


May 2022 - Omen Engineering expands production capability by opening new Environmentally friendly powder stripping and component wash line. With our chemicals stripping tank we can remove old powder coating and or paint from components to refurbish them for our customers.  The new component cleaning line includes 72" x 36"W x 36"D agitated cleaning tank, heated striping tank, solvent/ degreasing wash station and pretreatment center.

July 2022 - Omen Engineering purchases and commissions a new Eaton Air System screw compressor, revivor tank and air drying unit at it manufacturing facility providing 129 CFM capability for future sand blasting room. We are now able to handle larger items for sand blasting and complete them at a faster rate which is more cost effective for our customers. This system provide more reliable and cleaner air for continued powder coating operations.


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