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Powder Coating Services.

Our powder coating batch processing allows for quick turnaround of your components and provides flexibility for quick color changeover that cannot be achieved by large, automated spray lines.  We are factory trained and utilize the latest electrostatic spray gun technology to ensure even coating of components without defect. Our large digitally controlled gas fired ovens are professionally calibrated to provide precise heating of components, ensuring proper cure times while our Quality Control and Quality Assurance meet ASTM specifications.


What we can provide:
  •  Select from thousands of custom colors and effects or standard OEM, RAL, MIL-SPEC (Military) colors

  •  Provide digital color matching of smooth or textured component surfaces with 97% accuracy

  •  Match, coordinate and complement colors instantly by scanning paint, textiles, carpet, tile, apparel,   accessories and more

  •  Chemically strip, clean and etch parts

  •  Provide media blasting of components for increased coating adhesion

  •  Application of corrosion coatings for additional protection – ASTM B117 salt spray resistance

  •  Adherence to Quality Control ASTM coating standards

  •  Quick part turn around and color changeover


Our Equipment:

Binks Gas Fired Batch Oven- 800,000 Btu Eclipse burner applies rapid even heating of parts within minutes, controlled by Honeywell digital controllers that monitor burner chamber, oven and product temperatures for even air circulation, which holds oven temperatures within +/- 1 degree F. There is no over or under curing of components due to electric radiant heating elements. Oven capacity 8’ L x 5’ W x 7’ H can handle large single parts or multiple components on custom racking for curing. All oven components are inspected and calibrated yearly by Wisconsin Oven Corp.

Gema OptiFlex Pro 2B Manual Spray Applicator- The latest technology in electrostatic powder application on the market. Digitally controlled needle valves provide consistent air throughout the system which eliminates powder surging and uneven application. Precise Charge Control Mode automatically senses and adjusts part voltages that provide perfect quality and reproducible powder application eliminating back ionization and pinholes. The self-cleaning module purges the powder pump tubing and applicator of residual powder; this allows for quick color changes in less than 3 minutes for orders requiring color changes and reduces processing time to save our customers time and money.

Powder Application Booth – Our Powder booth has the capacity to hold components that fit in our ovens with dimensions of 8’L x 5’W x 7’H. We use a triple filtration HVAC system driven by a 6,400 CFM cyclone collector that exceeds air quality regulations for optimal plant hygiene and safety. This also reduces powder cross contamination during the application process keeping it away from finished products while curing; this improves finish quality and efficiency, allowing for continual powder application of components. 

Heated Chemical Tanks - capacity 7’ L x 4’ W x 4’ H Remove oils, greases and rust inhibitors left on parts during manufacturing processes. Chemically remove existing paints or powders from components to bare metal in an environmentally friendly manner.

Wash Station and Chemical Treatment Room – pressure hot steam part residues, spray application for chemically etching and applying iron phosphate or zinc chromate corrosion inhibitors as required for customer-specified components.   


Our Process:

Preparation & Pretreatment:

Depending on materials, our seven-step process cleans, etches and chemically treats the component surface to remove residual oil and grease residues left behind by manufacturing processes and provides superior coating adhesion with additional corrosion resistance. As required, we perform media blasting of components to increase coating adhesion properties, such as on aluminum.


All preparation steps can be adjusted to the requirements of our customer needs.  Additional chemical and mechanical striping services are available.



After preparation and pretreatment, components will be racked and prepared for the powder application process. Before moving to the Powder booth, they will be placed into the oven and heated to 450 degrees F for 30 minutes to remove moisture and air pockets trapped within the metal grains. This also removes any other oil residues left behind during the wash cycle and helps reduce Faraday effects during the powder application. Components are then removed from the oven and allowed to cool to powder application temperatures.


Primer Coat (Optional):

Depending on component requirements a primer coat may be applied to add additional corrosion resistance and/or provide an overall better-quality finish.


Color Application:

Most components only require a single application of a color coat, which provides the necessary corrosion and UV protection needed to satisfy requirements. In custom applications requiring special effects, several color coats may be needed to achieve the appearance such as in the application of candies, translucent and two tones.


Final Top Clear Coat (Optional):

Adding a clear topcoat provides additional UV protection for the color application and is also desired in applications where a smooth gloss finish is wanted. However, topcoats come in a variety of different effects adding metal flake, shimmer or even a matte to the overall look.


Quality inspection and testing:

After final curing, components are allowed to cool to room temperature. Samples are selected and we conduct non-destructive American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) specified tests to check for Film thickness, Coating Hardness, Edge Coverage, and Solvent Resistance (MEK) for the degree of coating cure. Components are also visually inspected for finish quality and appearance. Additionally, more aggressive destructive testing is available to check for durability and environmental characteristics. Quality Assurance tests can be adjusted to our customer requirements.



Each component is packaged individually in materials to ensure quality during transit. For large orders customer should specify the number of components and weight to be packaged in boxes for palletization. Customers processing custom orders will be notified that their order is ready for pickup and our technician will review the components with them for acceptance. Large custom orders may be shipped after customer approval.


Contact Us for a Quote:

If you have a custom project or manufactured components that need power coating let us provide you with a quote!


For custom orders provide us with a description, dimensions, color and effects you are looking for. We will set  up a consultation and provide you an assortment of color chips from our powder suppliers that you can choose from. Depending on your project we may require that you bring your component to our facility for inspection and measurement or color matching scan.


For manufactured components, quotes can be completed by providing a 3D CAD file such as Solidworks part file or another 3D format with Part Number and Revision. Your component may also be shipped to our facility for inspection and quoting. Please provide a color specification or RAL color number that is required, and we will send you a color chip/chips for proper color confirmation. As a Business-to-Business partner your manufactured components and files have full confidentiality, please provide a company Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for our signature during the quoting process.    

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